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“Hi, Jim Thomas here.

I hope you like my Aurora Monkey Alexa app.

Here's the problem with chasing the aurora. Let's say two months from now the Aurora is flaring up in your area -- the sky is ablaze with greens, violets and reds -- but instead of watching it, you're home sitting on the couch.

Why? Because you simply didn't know about it.

Auroras don't run on a schedule. Often Auroras happen with only 30 minutes warning.

That's why it's important to have a partner watching out for the aurora for you. Someone who will watch the Aurora data, then, notify you immediately when the conditions are right for your area.

I wrote another system for that. It's called Aurora Alerts from Soft Serve News. A lot of people like it and find it useful.

Whether you decide to get Aurora Alerts or not, I hope that someday you become a part of that fortunate group who have stood before this wondrous sight. Good luck, and I do hope you join us.”

Jim Thomas
Soft Serve News.

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